Monday, September 19, 2016

Terms and Conditions for Donations

Donations given via paypal, check, money order, amazon wish list, or any and all other methods of transferring money, goods and services by the viewers of the twitch account hosted by the streamer at to the streamer are subject to the following terms and conditions. By making a financial donation (or purchase) to the stream you are accepting the following terms in their entirety.

Terms: streamer - the broadcaster (Schatbot) from or affiliated staff as assigned by the broadcaster.
donor - the person who has provided money to the streamer for their on screen product and a mail-delivered gift (outlined below).

All donations (which as outlined below constitute purchases of a tangible good) are non refundable. 

To receive your tangible product (gift):

The donor is responsible for submitting a serviceable mailing address or P.O Box, via twitch stream mail or by email at with the title "donation mailing address" at the time of donation. The information is collected for the sole purpose of mailing the physical product for which they have paid. Records of your mailing address will be kept for 2 years, unless there is an emailed request for removal. Removal emails must be titled "Removal of Donation Address".

Emails not marked with the appropriate title are not guaranteed be received.

There is a 60 minute window in which donors can submit their address without fee. Given the purposeful nature of making a donation, there is fair cause to believe a donor has access to twitch mail or email while making a donation online. Addresses which were not submitted within one hour (60 minutes) after the time of donation can still be submitted for a 100USD processing fee. Upon payment of the fee you will receive your purchase. Addresses may be submitted up to thirty days following the time of donation, for the 100USD fee, so long as the request includes a screen shot of your donation, your twitch name, and your email address for correspondence.

Failure to provide a serviceable address is not the responsibility of the streamer, and it is your obligation to inform the streamer that your package has not arrived. There is a 100USD change of address fee, so ensure all information is typed correctly.

Physical product you receive for your donation in addition to on-screen non-tangible digital goods (stream):
The product which you have purchased by donating to the streamer is one (1) or any combination of the following:
       i)An envelope of any size, shape, or color as determined by the streamer, postmarked from any country on earth, at any date, containing the name and address that you submitted and a minimum of the words "thank you" on the back. The envelope may be empty, or it may contain other contents, including a physical copy of a fan-appreciation picture drawn by the streamer.
          ii) A stamped sheet of paper, card stock, etc of any size or color, containing your mailing information, the necessary stamps to have been mailed from any country on earth, and at minimum the words "thank you".
         iii) Any object that can be sent through the mail, stamped and postmarked to your address, from any country on earth, without the words thank you. This includes letters, papers, postcards, and all other paper-based correspondence accessories. If the streamer's staff can mail it, it constitutes your product. Essentially, whatever we want to mail you.

Mailing period:
The mailing period from the date of donation (purchase) will be 60 days from the first day of the month after your transaction has cleared. For example, transactions posted September 1, 2017 will be postmarked at latest by the 60th day after October 1st, 2017, assuming it cleared on Oct. 1st.
Mail may take up to 2 months to be delivered if sent by ship. Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery.

A picture of your product will be emailed to you within a reasonable period of the time of mailing, including the stamps and your name and address. There will be one and only one photo containing as much of the content as possible. Double sided photos will not be included, so the words "thank you" - if inscribed on the back - will not be present in the confirmation photos. Failure to appear in the confirmation photos does not imply or constitute a failure to deliver a product as advertised pursuant to item iii in physical product (sic)).

There is a strict no return, no refund policy. Your purchase includes the price of postage to the continental United States and the physical product (paper, ink) which the stamp is posted on. Any attempt at returning the product will be done at the donor (returnees) expense. There is a 5000USD restocking charge for your gift which must be paid prior to receipt of your return. Failure to pay the restocking charge will result in withholding the return address for returns.

Postage Charges:
Mailing of the physical, tangible product to a location outside of the contiguous 48 United States and all other areas served by the postal service on a single, flat rate postage stamp will be withheld pending the payment of excess postage fees. This means that donors outside of the USA will be required to pay a postage fee (process outlined in "fees") as issued by the local post office of the country where the streamer currently is. The two countries' post offices which will be mailing products are Taiwan and the US, and rates will be charged to the highest available price for flat rate postage. To clarify, if a global forever stamp in the USA is $1.08 USD and a stamp in Taiwan equates to $.50USD, the donor will be changed 1.08USD in fees.

Charge backs:
Charge backs will be contested within the fullest extent of the law, including the provisions and limitations contained within the text of this document. In the event of a dispute the payee and the recipient agree to follow standard procedure, including submitting a copy of this agreement, copies of their correctly emailed information, as well as photos of their product. The streamer reserves the right to hold the party contesting the charge liable for legal fees in the event a charge back was found to be without merit.

Accidental donation:
In the event a donation was made in an incorrect amount, from the wrong account, or a donor is unsatisfied with the on-screen product produced by schatbot, the may request a return of the money, less any associated third party processing fees, from the streamer.

All fees must be paid using Square Cash, and you must submit an email titled "Waiver of rights for chargebacks on fee payments" to which states that you waive all right to charge back your fee payment, including the date, time, and amount of payment. Upon completion of the fee payments you will be able to resubmit your address, return a product, or get your product mailed to you, All fees must be paid in US Dollars.

Failure to follow the conditions lain out in this agreement constitutes gross negligence and loss of right to pursue and enact charge backs, refunds, or other claim to receive or recover the money given in the donation (purchase). Failure to read these terms and conditions is not grounds for waiver of the contents herein. The donor is fully responsible for ensuring that the information was received by the streamer, including following up to get verbal or written confirmation that he information was received. Emails which are mislabeled, incoherently written, or provide non-serviceable addresses constitute negligence to the above terms and are subject to the fees outlined above. The interpretation of what constitutes the mailable product rests solely with the streamer, thus making returns, refunds, or charge backs due to "product not as advertised" entirely impossible. The product is clearly advertised as being at the sole discretion of the streamer. Applications for amending the text herein may be done by emailing with the title "amending the text of the terms and conditions for donations". Requests will receive the courtesy of a reply, and be given all available legal consideration.

Terms and conditions established on September 1, 2016, and posted on September 20, 2016 at 3am local time in Taipei, Taiwan and 3pm local time on September 19th, 2016 in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States of America.